Bean’s Cafe Services Update 10/27/21

All food donations should now be dropped off at our Administration building Monday- Friday, 9am - 4pm. We are no longer accepting food donations at 1101 E. 3rd Avenue. Please note, the drop off location is best accessed off 5th Avenue, as we are adjacent to Lucky Wishbone and our donation door is across the alley from Van's Dive Bar, next to Lucky Wishbone. We are the two-story grey and maroon building and there is a doorbell you can ring on arrival. You may also call 907.433.8601 for assistance. Given our storage capacity is limited, we are asking primarily for non-perishables, or funds to purchase food as needed. For the holidays- hams and chicken (not turkey) are ideal.

Beginning Wednesday, September 15 Bean's Cafe is no longer operating the Mass Emergency Shelter at Sullivan Arena. We are still providing meals and moving forward with our long-standing mission of feeding the hungry and homeless in our community.

Our top necessities continue to be food and money to purchase food and supplies associated with meal distribution. Since March 2020 we have served more than 1.1-million meals between Bean's Cafe and The Children's Lunchbox.  

Visit our Give Help page for details.

Children’s Lunchbox Fundraising Campaign

In order to meet increased demand for food services, the Children’s Lunchbox needs your help with donations of food and funds for feeding children and families. Our need is greater than ever with the onset of COVID-19.  Find out more by clicking here.

Feeding the Hungry and Homeless Since 1979

Vision and Mission

We exist to fight hunger for all ages, one meal at a time while providing a pathway to self-sufficiency with dignity and respect.

“The premise of Bean’s Cafe is a deep belief in the inherent dignity of every person, a belief that people respond with kindness when treated kindly, with trust when trusted, and respectfully when respected. Our aim is not to set up a value system – determining what is right or wrong – or a way of life for persons, but allow them to form their own. In this situation, a person is not pressured into acting in a special way, and their response is free, lasting, and more fully themselves.”

– Bean’s Cafe Founding Documents, 1979

Adult Meals

We provide three meals a day to anyone in need 365 days a year. Not all of our clients are homeless – many individuals struggle to make ends meet.

Meal service is provided at the Sullivan Arena shelter and in permanent supportive housing facilities.

Our 3rd Avenue Bean’s Cafe location is meal production and food storage only.

Child Nutrition Program

This program has changed slightly with the arrival of COVID-19 to Anchorage. You can find updates on The Children’s Lunchbox page.

The Children’s Lunchbox is our child nutrition program. We provide fresh and shelf-stable meals to local community programs serving children (and families). These meals are prepared and delivered to partner sites.

Client Services/Navigation:

Our contract to operate the mass emergency shelter at the Sullivan Arena ended Wednesday, September 15. Please contact the Municipality of Anchorage for contact details for the new operator.

We are still providing navigation services and referrals to individuals in long-term supportive housing facilities.

Client Services staff works with clients to find housing, jobs, and more. Our client population includes some of the most vulnerable people in our community: seniors, veterans, people with physical and mental disabilities, and families just not able to make ends meet. In addition, we serve individuals with challenges in mental health, criminal histories, and those struggling with alcohol and drug addictions.


Beans' Cafe and The Children's Lunchbox has served more than 1-million meals since March 2020!

Children's Lunchbox: A program of Bean's Cafe

The Children’s Lunchbox (TCL) is a program of Bean’s Cafe, founded in 2004 in response to the growing number of hungry children in our community. Since its humble beginnings at Mt. View Elementary, our child nutrition program has grown up, and now serves more meals than Bean’s Cafe!

Visit The Children’s Lunchbox page for our current food campaign.

Bean’s Cafe has a history of helping those in need. Whether you’re a client or volunteer, we’d like to hear your history.

Stories of Success and Hope

(Visit our Facebook page for the many, many stories.)

Bean’s Cafe has helped me in ways I never thought possible. It goes beyond food. They helped me to believe in myself again. — Daniel, former client

Email if you have a story you are willing to share