Partner with Us


Your monetary donations fuel our mission to create lasting change. Every contribution, big or small, supports our nonprofit’s efforts to feed our community, provide essential services, and build a brighter future for those in need. Together, we can make a meaningful difference. Donate today and be a catalyst for positive change.

What we can accept

  • Canned Goods
  • Food prepared in a commercial kitchen 
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Pre-packaged food items purchased at the store
  • Whole or unprocessed meats

What we CAN’T accept

  • Home-made food items- all donated items MUST be prepared in a commercial kitchen with proper licensing
  • Expired foods
  • Opened food items (such as a box of cookies that may not have been fully eaten)
  • Left-over food items (such as remaining food from a conference or barbecue).
  • Spoiled food items
  • Our priority is safety and health of the individuals who will consume the food we prepare with love and compassion.

Contact our Food Services Manager for further inquiries, at or call 907.917.9080.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Breakfast 7:45am – 9:15am 
  • Dinner 4:45pm – 6:15pm 
    • Who do we serve at the Henry House? 
    • Residents that live at the Henry House but it’s also open to the public or anyone in need of a meal. 
  • Do we also serve meals on the weekends?
    • Yes, breakfast and dinner are available Sunday through Saturday, but volunteer shifts are only Monday through Friday. 
  • Tasks may include washing, sorting and/or chopping vegetables for food preparation 
  • Help with preparing prepackaged meals (MOD’s or Meals on Demand) 
  • May also help with sorting incoming donations or repackaging various food items 
  • Do I need a food handlers’ card to volunteer in the kitchen? 
    • No 
  • What is the minimum age to volunteer in the kitchen? 
    • All kitchen volunteers must be 18 years or older
  • Volunteers help put together pantry packs in our warehouse which consist of shelf stable foods. Each pantry pack feeds a family of 4 for one day. We provide both Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner pantry packs. 
  • Volunteer Youth Days are available, check our Volunteer Platform for dates.

Unite your team for a purposeful cause! Transform your corporate spirit into action by volunteering with us. Whether it’s a one-time event or a recurring commitment, our organization welcomes your group to make a collective impact. Strengthen team bonds, boost morale, and contribute to meaningful projects that resonate with your corporate values. Let’s build a partnership that goes beyond the office walls—reach out today and discover the fulfilling journey of group volunteering.


Contact our Volunteer & Social Media Coordinator, or 907.433.8603