Streets to Success

About Streets to Success

The Streets to Success program supports men and women with histories of homelessness, addiction, and criminal behaviors as they choose to accept personal responsibility and work to build healthy lives. Bean’s Cafe launched the program in September 2023, after addressing homelessness and hunger in Anchorage, Alaska for more than four decades. 


Streets to Success is a one-year residential program designed to serve 30-40 participants per year. The program structure is based on a well-researched model of care called Therapeutic Community. Program participants receive support and guidance from experts with lived experience – mentors who have overcome homelessness, substance abuse, and incarceration in their own lives. To help facilitate positive outcomes in the lives of program participants, our organization maintains important community partnerships with education specialists and ‘second chance employers’ who hire qualified applicants without regard to histories of felony convictions. 


While individuals experiencing homelessness and addiction clearly need homes, research shows that housing is not enough. When compared to counterparts who receive housing alone, people receiving comprehensive services in peer-led community settings demonstrate higher levels of resiliency and positive lifestyle changes.  

The vision of Streets to Success, a program of Bean’s Cafe, is to provide the necessary tools and life skills that result in lasting change for people who are ready and willing to come out of addiction, homelessness, and other life barriers. We believe the opposite of addiction is connection. Giving others purpose through connection is vital for lasting change to healthy living. We believe in accountability
with love. Teaching others to be responsible for their actions by bringing awareness with honesty and care is essential to staying successful in recovery. We are
dedicated to helping people become successful in everyday living by providing a pathway to self-sufficiency with dignity and respect.

Phase 1: Community and Self-Discovery
1. Choose to take personal responsibility and live in accountability.
2. Learn about your own perspectives, strengths, and motivations.
3. Earn a GED (as needed).
4. Gain tools to change through the 8 Positive Attitudes.

Phase 2: Personal Development
1. Learn about our perspectives, strengths, and motivations.
2. Develop the practice of journaling.
3. Gain skills for financial stability.
4. Challenge thinking through rational self-counseling.
5. Begin participating in Bean’s Café’s social enterprises – gaining skills for a career in baking, packaging, warehousing, or sales.

Phase 3: Strategies for Success
1. Practice soft job skills (personal hygiene, time management, work ethic, etc.).
2. Develop a relapse prevention plan.
3. Create and maintain a personal statement of success.
4. Resume development and practice interviewing skills.

Phase 4: Moving Forward
1. Begin mentoring new program participants.
2. Gain leadership skills.
3. Obtain outside employment.
4. Become a Certified Residential Drug Abuse Program facilitator (some participants).

Looking for more information? 

Contact our Navigation Team at or call 907.538.7049